Detailing Packages

Maintenance Detailing – POA

Enthusiast Detail From $650

Pre-foam rinse or waterless wash (depending on car and customer)
Air dry
Clay bar (if required)
Light interior detail
Engine bay detail
Single Stage machine polish (minor paint correction)
Swissvax Concorso Wax or Coating equivalent (add $110 for Crystal Rock)
Polish Stainless and chrome trim
Polish wheels
Treat all rubbers and plastics
Allow 1-2 days

The Enthusiast detail is suited, but not limited to the following applications:

  • Old school classics, muscle cars and street machines
  • Show cars
  • Concourse vehicles
  • Bi-annual detail
  • Basis for self-maintained vehicles
Detailing Packages

Concourse and Show Car Detailing – POA

Machine Polishing and Paint Correction (POA)

There’s only so much a hand polish or wax can do when it comes to getting your paint to look like new.

Defects such as water etching, oxidization and swirl marks can only be removed by machine polishing (also known as Paint Correction) which, depending on the severity, can take 5 stages of different density pads and compounds.

Prior to machining we go through a meticulous evaluation procedure, including paint depth analysis, to determine what steps to take to achieve the customer’s goal.

When it comes to paint correction there isn’t one product or brand that works the same on every paint type which is why we have invested heavily in this department to not only have the right compounds for different paint types, but the most efficient.

Detailing Packages
**Please Note** The above packages apply to vehicles with little to medium use. Vehicles with excessive pet hair, sand, stubborn dirt, stains in carpet and red dust will require extra
processes not allowed for in any of these packages and will be required to be quoted separately.

For best results all detailing must be carried out at our Wangara studio.